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Welsh Grime MCs travel to London to battle it out

Mode.London hosts London vs Wales in the towers

Spooky & Bang GK throw tracks in the mix whilst the rival factions battle it out

Each MC came with their own style. It was fun to be a part of this artistic exchange,

Props to the Welsh team for travelling all the way to prove their skills

The only place in 2022 to settle these types of Grime conflicts : Mode.London

No holds barred as name get called, and mums get sucked.

This all spawned as an offshoot from Cadell & Reece West's lyrical warfare. Corn kept getting flung!

Inspirational visuals and photography themed to honour foundation-level video content.

Co-directed by Reece West himself - enjoy the wicked music video to accompany this progressive release!

Check out the two wardubs that sparked this Wales vs London clash

Production by Welsh producer Dubzta and Black Heart

Visuals by Formless Films & ________



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