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Anthony Rubery - acoustic set (LIVE)

This is the live audio recording of Anthony Rubery's acoustic performance at The Thingy Bar.

"You played it so cool...."

Talented songwriter Anthony Rubery put on an awesome solo performance in this stripped-down accoustic set.

Went down for the first time to see him perform a session at 'The Thingy Bar', Hackney Wick. - and i wasn't disappointed!!

"You call me a fool...

coz i know it's overdue"

My first time seeing Ant perform live. Managed to get some cool videos [below] of him performing my favourite studio track 'Overdue' :

"But i know it's haunting you"

First heard Ant on his EP track where he collaborated with Eklipse : 'Anti-social'.

Great collaboration of artists from different lyrical disciplines.

Be sure to check out that whole EP 'Antisocial' for some interesting genre-bending tracks.

"Let me take you on a walk, for a sec...."

Took these photo's on a flying visit to see Ant in a studio in Manchester.

Hold tight for more Anthony Rubery content coming in the future!

Click here to see more from fellow artist Eklipse :

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2021

"Yeah I'm so anti-social,

......I hear them talking in my sleep"


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