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Mic Ty - Nothing On Me

This is the video to Mic Ty's track called 'Nothing On Me' (prod. by Shriekin)

"Stop bluffing my g, why you running my g?"

Swaggy instrumental from Shriekin provides Mic Ty a platform to flow.

Blow-for-blow he hits with pace and stamina as 'Nothing On Me' displays Ty's aggressive delivery.

Ghoulish production pays special homage to an original UK dubstep pioneer with his walking bassline.....

"Talk is cheap, that's why my walk is mean"

Angelic stabs & a mysterious choral melody makes the petrifying instrumental stand out.

Mic Ty cements himself among Newham's finest with this war-ready track.

"How come your CD gets pro-longed, so long?

Bought the small Sony Handycam specifically for this music-video aesthetic.

As a result, there are a couple behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries with Mic Ty shot on the same camera.

.....Maybe i'll put them out soon......

'A Day In The Life of Mic Ty'

Check out more from Mic Ty here :

Type : Video

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2017


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