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Sticky and Stush @ Frontin' [LIVE]

This is the live recording from Sticky and Stush @ Frontin' [LIVE]

Hear Stush and DJ Sticky throw it down in Manchester's Joshua Brookes venue.

Stush performs 2 of her classic tracks : 'Dollar Sign' & 'Me Nuh Run From Dem'

This set came roughly a decade after their legendary garage collaboration, Dollar Sign, and the pair linked up again for a fun live performance in Manchester.

Booked by Frontin' CEO J Rus.... MC'd by DJ Darka - it was an honour to see Sticky and Stush drop their urban classics for the privileged audience.

A great, fun evening in Manchester which concluded with full length interviews with both DJ Sticky and Stush - (which i might release in the future upon request that talks about 'Dollar Sign', how they met and came to record that track)

Parts of which can be seen here :

Stush talks about 'swapping genres' for Dollar Sign....

I will eventually put this whole interview together!

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2014


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