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Stretch and Dean - Mob

This is the audio to Dean Allen's track called 'Mob'.


Hard-hitting underground House music from producer Dean Allen. He stands out with his own style of urban-electronic music production.

Tumping metallic beats and walking synths pushed this track agressivelydown the stairs. Body-bopping percussion keeps the track rolling as dystopia approaches.



Textbook production delivery from Dean as he continued to move stuff forward ; finding new ground in the genre.

Was fun to see him collaborate with radio partner Stretch. The two tag-teamed the shows and supported the sounds that they liked on-air. No bullshit.

Check out some of their S37 radio shows on the blog to hear more original productions and unfiltered conversations.


Not too many people left ready to give completely unfiltered opinions...... Live-on-air.

And i appreciate that.

Type : Audio

Photo credit : Unknown (Max?)

Date : 2017


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