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Charlie Trees - Writing

This is the audio to Charlie Trees' track called Writing.

Wicked demonstration of penmanship and lyricism.

"Are you even having fun?"

Hear Charlie tell a story of craft and introspection.

Tongue in cheek performance and a sarcastic delivery give this one a comically rhetorical tone.

'Writing' is a slow bopping twister. Charlie expores self-reflcetive thoughts through the lens of an active written artist.

He opens his mind and explores 'writing' through the lens of an Grime MC.

Check out Charlie Tree's 2022 full length project : Love & Wavey Science

- Here's clip of Charlie Trees & Ten Dixon during Treble Clef's Grime radio set :

"When i jump on the mic i'm ill"

Type : Audio

Photo credit : Ben Reid :) Wave Gang

Date : 2020


Here's Charlie Trees with fellow Wave Gang members : Ten Dixon, Rhimez & Shannon Parkes

Expertly produced by Mystry

Video by Ben Reid aka Rosko Records

- One of my favourites releases from 2020!


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