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DJ LZ w/ Hypes & Fumes

This is a video of DJ LZ with Dorris, Hypes & Fumes @ Nasty FM during LZ's radio show in Ancoats.

Went down to film DJ LZ, Hypres, Dorris and Fumes for upcoming radio show on Nasty FM.

"So much beef that i'm gonna get gout."

I had been following these artists for a while, and finally decided to reach out to LZ to document his Nasty FM radio show : The LZ & Hypes show.

Shot in a studio space in the infamous Wellington Mill.

"He tells me that his lines on fire, but when i'm with him his phone don't ring"

The two were warming up for a few gigs across the UK - so a perfect opportunity to document their radio show. At this time they were just forming the crew that was to be known as 'Burst Gang'.

Hypes brought along fellow MCs Dorris and Fumes to feature.

"Your dad's on gear...... and you look like Miilhouse."

Always appreciated the light-hearted norther lyricism and comedy from Manchester rappers!

"You've got food but it smells like basil..."

Type : Video

Video credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

Funny Manchester lyric list:

"You go shop for the lads...

"Lemme just dump this bar, just moved out of my mumsies yard "

"Push drugs like a shopping trolley"

"They wanna stunt in LV, but more time they're living in a bungalow flat"

"He's got a spud gun there in his man-bag, that's why we call him the '5-pound-mash-man'


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