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Dubzta - Master Plan

This is the audio to Dubzta's track called Master Plan


Awesome clean production from Welsh magician Dubzta. Powerful chrods, marching keys and synths on this one - the perfect combination for rappers and MC's to flow over.

Flawless is 'Master Plan' from Cardiff's notorious Grime producer. Hear his polished basslines in this clean 140 offering.


One of the most consistent producers in the scene ; hear Dubzta's echo-ey producer tag in other awesome tracks such as "Reality" and "Water Technique".

Dubzta masterfully uses his custom producer-tag as a musical tool within the composition - seasoning the tracks with his signature sound. His delay-panned FX symbolises consistant & quality production.

See Dubzta on Tiatsim's BeatBoss 3 Producer Battle series :

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2016


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