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Eklipse - Lazy Eye

This is the audio to Eklipse's track called Lazy Eye (prod by Swiftstar)

Smashing production from local producer Swiftstar who brings twisted rap-trap anthem Lazy Eye into focus.

"I see it all with the Lazy Eye"

This thundering sonnet perfectly personifies Mr Eklipse's vision, as he raps from within.

"Twisted view of my crazy mind"

East London poet Eklipse struck a chord with me on this one.

Taken from his revered 'Dark Matters Mixtape'.

I first met Eklipse at one of Spooky's legendary #NightShift radio shows at Mode FM

"You think I give a damn 'bout these rags on my back"

One of my favourite contemporary poets & lyricists.

Eklipse demonstrating how it's still possible to have unique vision in today's oversaturated music-market. This one hit home for me, as I have Lazy Eye

"To the moon and back,

...two doobys strapped"

I went down to Pirate Studios to meet Eklipse for one of his famed collaborative music sessions. He was warm & welcoming : offering me complimentary drinks and hospitality.

The room was brimming a mixed bag of vocalists & producers who surround his ideas of art.

Top rated track, and part of the timeless "Dark Matters" mixtape collaboration between Eklipse and Swiftstar. Highly recommend checking that whole project out to get a an insight into Eklipse's split lifestyle. Wicked production from Swiftstar across the board.

"I don't even trust their love when they're naked"

Be sure to check out his other tracks London City, Jaw Dance & All Day

Type : Audio

Photo credit : Unknown

Date : 2015


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