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Eklipse - N.E.W.H.A.M (prod by Infamous)

This is the audio to Eklipse's track called N.E.W.H.A.M (prod by Infamous)


Another fast-paced rap track from East London lyricist and performer : Eklipse.

"N, E, W - H, A, M"


" E dot Klipse, E dot 6"


This Infamous produced track is a stabbed soundscape designed to keep you on edge.

Listen to Eklipse paint scenes of Newham, East London - exploring life growing up in his areas.

We've seen this artist (formerly known as Mr Eklipse) develop from poet to rapper. Exciting to see him progress his career more and unlock further opportunities through spoken-performance and words.

See some of his live performances and other tracks such as 'Lazy Eye' and 'London City'.


Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2016

"One problem : and I call it 'Johnson'....."

This is the audio to my favourite Eklipse song : Lazy Eye

Produced by Swiftstar



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