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Endz Right Now - Charlie Trees, Ten Dixon, Shannon Parkes, Rhimez (prod by Mystry)

This is the video to Wave Gang's team track called 'Endz Right Now'.

Ten Dixon, Charlie Trees, Shannon Parkes & Rhimez link up for this massive single (prod by Mystry)

"It's all mad in the endz right now,

What if it all ends right now?"

One of my top-tracks from 2020 : 'Endz Right Now' was a step away from Gang's typical Grimey output - with this slick UK hip-hop beat from Mystry.

Open & honest writing from the crew members.

"First gen ducking & swerving..."

"...It's Ten, but a different version"

Hear Wave Gang members take turns rapping about their life, recent experiences and inner-thoughts

This track & video came during the Coronavirus pandemic : where the future of underground music was uncertain - and this is reflected in the lyrics.

"I just lost my job again, feel my pain"

The powerful release filled me with confidence about Wave Gang's future trajectory - they were still creating awesome musical work at a time where many musicians and artists were stepping away from art to persue other avenues during Covid.

"I'm the same man now that was cleaning the bins"

Hard pushed to find more sincere lyrical engagement than Wave Gang on form.

Awesome visual accompanyment from legendary director Rosko Records.

"W - W - Forward Slash - Dot Com : Get out of my face right now!!"

Ben Reid, the director, is an established filmmaker from Manchester. & He did this one justice.

"Is it really worth it?...

Sitting in my yard like a hermit"

Type : VIDEO

Photo credit : Ben Reid / Rosko Records / VELODY .NET

Date : 2020

...check out Charlie Trees' trippy 2022 mixtape : 'Love & Wavey Science'

Hope to do a full feature & review on that in coming months!!

Hold tight for upcoming exclusive collab with Ben @ Rosko Records !


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