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Why would artists use this platform to display their work ?



High-quality images can be uploaded and organised into dynamic galleries...





I can make site members into 'site writers' which will allow blogpost creation like this one...



Videos can be utilised in posts, and allow visitors to download the video file from the player...

A clear and simple video player allows viewers to play, pause, scrub, change volume, download and fullscreen



- Artists can display products on their blogposts

- You could direct your audience straight towards related products on the site!

- Visitors can click this product link and be taken to the page where they can buy it



- Actual .GIF files are able to be utilised alongside your images and video :)

- They can also be organised into dynamic galleries alongside images (see above)



- Artists can use buttons & hyperlinks to direct their audience towards their other works.

- Add them into your blog workflow :



There are many normal blog functions :

  • Bulletpoints

  • Colours

  • Italics

  • hidden text

  • Sizes

  • Highlighting

    • Indents

      • formatting

  1. Numbering

You can format your blog posts anyway you want,

utilising all these features....

Font size, bold, italics, underline, text colour, highlighting, quotes, basic coding, numbered lists, bulletpoints, alighnment, line-spacing, indents, hyperlinks.



Bloggers & writers can add downloadble files (up to 500MB) and publish zips to the blog for their fans to view and download

Download RTF • 270B

Download RAR • 315B

The possibilities are endless using the internet.......

Artists might want to give out free digital works, designers might give out blueprints, vocalists might give out acapellas, photographers might give out RAWs !

I'm quite a collaborative person, so i will be publishing lots more free content for others to use and remix (4K Texture Pack incoming for designers)

....Who knows, someone might make something cool with the materials you originated?



- Artists can generate their own URLs for the blogpost, and call it what you want!...


- You can add custom social images & thumbnails for when the blog appears on twitter or other social media pages......... certain bloggers might have a signature meta-picture that displays everytime their blogpost is shared socially

- You can add your own metadata options, and tag other posts you've created to be highlighted as 'relevant blogposts' on the site.



- Artists can tag the post with your own unique tag, which will collate with all your other posts, and be viewable in chronological order at ;

As an artist or blogger you can upload collections of posts, and have it all in one place, under one tag, so people can easily see your latest work through simple tags....

.........You might even develop multiple tags if you're a multi-format artist ?



Random polls

Where should I hold my next event ?

  • Intimate venue?

  • Hall Venue?

Only you can see the results.

(Maybe i will reveal the answer to this in a future post!!) :)



I'm pretty happy with the options available on the blog. So many more options for displaying multimedia content......

This is a table.




tables into your blogs

Thing 1

Thing 2

you can even add a bit of code, a gif, a video, or even some music for people to download for free?

Who's your favourite artist this year?

(This is already much more dynamic than other social media websites can offer)

collapsible lists:


that you can add stuff to

......and there's lots of dynamic artists out there with multi-format work :

I've personally got much more than just 1-type of filetype to offer visitors.

Here I can put all art into one place, and even sell photo edits to fans as canvases :


If fans click on that........ it takes them to a page where they can buy that canvas!


You can sell your music & acapellas on the site.

You can even sell tickets to an upcoming event, straight from the blog post..........

Lots more features i'm working on : comments section for pages ; Specialist page designs for certain types of content ; Livestreams directly onto the main site using custom encoding!

Finally, on the blog you can allow comments, or disallow comments, depending on your preference!

Thanks for your time.

Enjoy the site and everything related :)

Finishing Thoughts

Personally, I don't like the fact that our homemade arts get used to generate advertising revenue for the social media sites.

They slip adverts in-between our homemade content - and don't pay us for it! Sometimes i watch my own videos on youtube, and get advertised stuff along with it.

Or it automatically goes onto someone elses video.

I don't feel that they offer enough 'virality' anymore to be worth it.

We're just fuelling their ad clicks with everything we post there.

Any questions, message me on the site.

See you soon!

- Fred


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