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J Beatz w/ Manga [Outburst From The Outskirts intreview] @ MODE FM

This is a video of J Beatz w/ Manga [Outburst Fromt The Outskirts interview during his radio show at Mode FM.

J Beatz interviewing Grime legend Manga at Mode FM.

"We've got Manga in the building...."

Manga was fresh off the release of his full-length project called 'Outburst From The Outskirts'.

The entire album was produced by Surrey-based Lewi B.

"We used not one of those beats on the day....."

I know Lewi B from his historic victory in Beatboss 3 producer clash series.

He won the final battle against Glasgow's Rapture 4D.

Manga describes the 'Outburst From The Outskirts' body as his reaction to the position he's been put in the industry. He feels he has always been seen as an 'outsider' to the publishing audiences, and has to work harder to get noticed by media outlets.

J Beatz has a fantastic presence as an interviewer - it's clear he has a great knowledge and insight into the production process. Looking forward to more interviews from himself as he develops his skills!

"Is it a mixtape, or an album?......"

Both J Beatz and Manga have done lots since this interview, and I aim to catch up with them one day to see what they're working on....

Type : Video

Video credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2017

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