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Jammz - 128 Bars (prod by Spooky)

This is the audio to Jammz's track called 128 Bars (prod by Spooky)


"I went to hell, and i come back."

-- '128 Bars' is a musical chronicle.

Jammz's lyrics contextualised his Grime 2.0 narrative. This song explained his rise to influence in London. He tells a story of his character development, hard work and come-up


"What do they know about sitting in the ends with no dough ;

......the money's coming in so slow?"


He references his determination to overcome adversity, and thrive amongst life's challenge.

The song appeared to be from a very plain-spoken honest place : relatable to people living in modern urban England.

Spooky's instrumental pattern was supreme.

The combination of Jammz and Spooky is very welcomed. Enjoy this Grime story.

"I just wanna raise the bar!... " it's a pole-vault" Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

"if i never linked up with Pauly that night... ... definitely could have gone left that day"


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