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Jammz - Hit Then Run

This is the audio to Jammz's track called 'Hit Then Run'.


'Hit Then Run' was 2015's breakthrough Grime track : a powerful punch to the Grime scene in 2015.

Jammz's conquered London's radio airwaves with his latest offering from his 'I Am Grime' imprint.





This banger came about after a year-long campaign tour of UK's underground radio stations. He went from strength-to-strength; stations to station : eventually working up to the top spot on Sir Spyro's 'The Grime Show with on Rinse FM.



This gunshot riddim was by far the most popular instrumental in Grime sets and mixes from the era. The track was radio regular ; as was Jammz.

'Dancefloor destroyer' described by some as this instrumental track took over London's latest Grime sound.


Clever sampling of Skepta's 'Thuggish Ruggish' and the Bone Thugs' 'classic gave life to a new period of urban music in London.

Instrumental produced by Jammz.


"Your last lyrics : that's trash........Throw that straight in the bin"

The lyrics to the track are straight fighting talk ; he calls out the whole Grime scene for lacking in quality.

"Throw that EP straight in the bin." he says as he demonstrates his mic-confidence.

The "Hit Then Run EP" caused damage in Grime raves as Jammz assembled a remix featuring emerging talents Mic Ty & Mez.

This iconic 'Hit Then Run EP' helped launch Jammz's 'I Am Grime' imprint into the forefront of the developing new-wave of Grime.


Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015


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