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Jammz & Mic Ty @ Sir Spyro [Rinse FM]

This is audio recording of Jammz & Mic Ty with Sir Spyro on Rinse FM.

Listen to a legendary Grime set with Jammz, Mic Ty and Sir Spyro on 'The Grime Show'.

Hear the partnership of two practiced MC's go bar-for-bar in this certified Rinse FM show.


Jammz & Mic Ty absolutely destroy this Grime radio set.

This was probably my favourite radio moment of 2015. The linkup was impeccable. The energy and chemistry of this set sparked a fire that can still be seen today.......

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

( I do not own the Rinse FM audio content : it is owned by Rinse FM : just blogging about it.

Contact me on to have it removed)

......There is a video available of this set on the Rinse FM youtube channel.....

I will ask for permission to use it!

Much more content in the archive from these two......

....comprehensive projects incoming soon


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