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Madam X w/ Abnormal Sleepz (LIVE)

This is a clip of livestream of Madamx X & Abnormal Sleepz at BPM x Frontin event in Manchester

This was a livestream event i directed for Big People Music. Co-produced by Madam X.

4 cameras and a vision mixer.

2 decks and a mixer.

See Madam X mix-it-up infront of a sold-out event. Watch as she clashes styles in her unique blends.

Performing on the night was Jenna G, Swindle, G.S.One, Dark-0, Madam X, Abnormal Sleepz, DJ Darka, Faro and T-Dot.

Hold tight for the next VELODY.NET livestream concept

Type : Audio

Video credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2014


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