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Mic Ty - 'How It Is' freestyle

This is the net video to Mic Ty's freestyle 'How It Is'.

"Whoo! I'm feeling charged, boy"

Check out his relaxed cadence on a cool hip-hop tempo.

Mic Ty punches in with this fresh video edit.

"I'm living every other day like it's my last,

Big. Bud. Billing..."

'From a young age he sharpened his teeth on US beats, so this one was right down Mic Ty's street.

The 'How It Is' flow took Mic Ty back to his musical roots.

This genre was his come-up.

This is my favourite of Ty's many flavours.


Video in collaboration with legendary JR MEDIA.

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET & JR MEDIA

Date : 2018

"Every camera man are dead... against cameraman Fred"

"And if your..... still..... wondering....."

Above is heritage footage of Mic Ty & Spooky during his Nightshift radio show at Mode FM.

See more work from Mic Ty by clicking on his artist tag at the bottom of this post.


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