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Mic Ty - Knewham (prod by Plastician)

This is the audio to Mic Ty's track called Knewham (prod by Plastician)


"My name's Mic Ty - and i'm here to fuck your wife......

........Stratford Style"

This eski-shaped comical track from Stratford's Mic Ty was a punch-to-the-throat of London's Grime scene.

Mic Ty is shocking in delivery : here he playfully batters MCs over this relentlessly aggressive 140 instrumental.

A track about life & times in East London. Mic Ty entered Newham history with this iconic right-of-passage East London anthems.....

This one is all about making yourself heard in the grimey streets of London, and he accomplished that.

Accompanied by a powerful street-style music video, shot in Newham's infamous ladder..... this moment was one for the books.

The hook "It's Mic Ty, yeah that new one, coming from Stratford, Straight outta' Newham" became one of the easiest reload bars and radio sets in England : very hard for DJ's to resist the reload on sets.

See this follow up track we shot in Stratford - apeing the visual styles of older Grime videos.

I wanted to shoot this is on MiniDV tape - but it was easier to just buy a newer Sony DVD Handycam to shoot this.

I will one day remaster this video using the HQ footage straight out the camera.

Type : Video

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015


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