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Mic Ty - Walking With Greatness

This is the video to Mic Ty's track called 'Walking With Greatness' (prod by Lowquid)

This smash-hit from 'Knewham' rapper Mic Ty exploded in the Grime scene around 2015.

"Come take a walk with me,

Walk and see how i get down....

Mic Ty walked into the scene with this instrumental from Aussie Grime producer Lowquid.

"... How it all started off,

And why they're stressed out"

He didn't hold punches as he threw his weight into London's radio circuit.

This track came out proceeding a straight year of radio appearances, sets, graft, and live- performance.

"These man can't walk in my trainers...

A razor-sharp bassline with room-to-breathe creates underlying suspense in this dynamic soundscape. Unique flows here as Mic Ty peppers improved flow and lyricism.


"So many shows this year, and it shows this year"

Shot this one down in his hometown, Newham. Was great to work alongside Mic Ty and see how he prepared his projects. Very witty and down-to earth guy.

His sparring partner at the time Jammz helped him to step-up his game.......'steel-sharpens-steel'.

The pair made their Grimey presence known in London and the UK.

They smashed round-after-round on sets as they MC'd back to back.

The 'Walking With Greatness' instrumental became notorious on sets too........

Lowquids shadowy synths creates an ominous environment. The Aussie producer stabs, slices, and gut-punches this alleyway-brawler-soundtrack.

Powerful delivery from Mic Ty here.

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2016

Definitely gonna re-edit this video one day. 100% At the time i was using a slow computer.... so i couldn't playback properly.


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