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Retrosynths House Marathon @ MODE FM

This is the radio show recording from Retrosynths House Marathon show @ MODE FM [06112015]

Part of a series of special events broadcast on Mode FM..........The Marathons!

The team behind Mode FM came up with a radio concept where 1 genre would take over the radio station for the entire day.

The marathons were very well recieved and broke boundaries for conceptual radio broadcasting....... often ending in cyphers, overtime or illegal-hours!

Mode FM = Real music by real people

So much better than anything the mainsteam is offering...

"One of the benefits of being a self-governed radio station is..... can do whatever you want."


This type of free broadcasting is so refreshing compared to the mainstream radio station programming - where forumalaic playlists have killed any sense of DJing.

The guys at Mode chose to do fun marathons where they would champion certain sub-sections of underground music.

Marathons put a focus back on the music, rather than the presenters.


May unregulated underground radio continue!

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

....Much better than the BBC Radio 1's "Where's Grimmers?!" marathon.

That was embarassing


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