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Row D & Pauly Papers - RP1* (prod by Lewi B)

This is audio to Row D & Pauly Papers' track called 'RP1*' (prod by Lewi B)

Row D and Pauly Papers clash blow-for-blow on this energetic 140 instrumental.

"Never been fearful of one of them youts,

none of them stab, none of them shoot"

Always great to hear Grime MC's battling bar-for-bar : their two styles complimenting each other throughout the track in energy and aggression.

Lewi B took the bassline for a walk. Surrey-based sensation continues to establish his own style and dominance of Grime's forthcoming sound.

"Stop trying it, no-ones buying it"

Pauly Papers exposes the posers, and tells it how it is :

"I'm looking for the top boy in his ends, and I don't believe that my-man is one?"

The pair continue their streak of back-to-back sets throughout the year, culminating in this track. Row D & Pauly Papers dominated radio sets across all of London's DIY stations.

"Talk guns but you ain't gonna shoot one"

I imagine the video as a dimly lit interrogation room.... the pair taking turns to

torture well-know Grime scene players

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

"you made your bed, now you gotta' lie in it..."


Both artists featured in THE PILOT series


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