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Stretch & Dean (S37 Breakfast Show) @ MODE FM

This is the radio recording from S37 Breakfast Show @ MODE FM [01082015]


One of the massive catalogue of S37 Breakfast Show music podcasts available on Mode FM's archive.

Hear underground beats, good vibes and homegrown banter as these two 'tell it like it is'.

Their format allows an hour of homegrown music, followed by 30mins of a 'talking section', then back to the music.

In the conversational section they either interview players in the scene, play musical games or discuss serious topics in the UK's underground music scene.

Hilariously unfiltered and straight talking : these two approach real-life topics from a relateable perspective. They won't sugar-coat it or sell-out.

Be sure to check Stretch and Dean latest shows, or Dean Allen's latest music production!

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

This is the radio show recording from S37 Breakfast Show @ MODE FM [01092016]


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