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Skelly - Sentiment

This is a video of Skelly's single called 'Sentiment'.

This timeless self-produced composition strikes a chord with the listener.

"Why you coming up to me, trying to touch my body?"

Direct, charming and unfiltered : I admire the way Emma attacks this tune.

Awesome collaboration from upcoming talented artists Skelly.

"Maybe, baby, there's something fucked in your brain...."

Smashing composition from accomplished composer Seb Skelly ; as the brother-sister duo continue their streak of innovative singles.

Permanent class from the pair as they flex their musicianship in this brutally-honest breakdown of Emma's coming-of-age

Talented Ian Skelly behind the lens on this one, as he portrays the pair in harsh monotone.

"Where did she go? The girl i knew before..."

Check out THE PILOT profile page to see their latest work.

Stay locked for upcoming releases from the duo :

Type : Video

Video credit : Ian Skelly

Date : 2019


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