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Spooky w/ Mic Ty @ MODE FM [1]

This is a video of Mic Ty & Spooky during his Nightshift radio show at Mode FM.

Unseen footage of Mic Ty shelling on Mode FM.

"I know my role : it's off to murk i go!"

Part of a revisited series where i republish heritage footage from Grime radio sets

Spooky invited me to document one of his #Nightshift radio shows @ Mode FM.

He put the word out to some of his favourite current MCs to come down and get documented in the below Grime sets.....

It was my first time meeting many of the MC's here - they were all incredibly humble!

The full lineup was Mic Ty, Pauly Papers, Capo Lee, Nico Lindsay, Big H, Milli Major, Rocks FOE, Eklipse, Dubz D, Jammin, RD, & Blaze.

This would be the first of many 'unregulated radio' shows documented here.

Rocks FOE & Mr Eklipse were going hard on this set too . I didn't realise afterwards that they were both accomplished hip-hop artists and poets respectively....

Unlimited respect to Spooky Bizzle for organising this.

A moment in history........

which ultimately lead to the start of this website

See Spooky's full artist bio here :

Type : Video

Video credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2015

Without Spooky Bizzle's efforts, the below photos wouldn't have happened....

and the below gifs wouldn't have been created.....