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Spooky @ MODE FM [05102017]

This is a radio recording from Spooky's Nightshift @ MODE FM [05102017]


Continuing his unbroken streak of weekly radio shows spanning 20+ YEARS!

This excerpt is from one of his many archived sets available via Mode FM mixcloud.

Known affectionately as 'Grime's marathon DJ', Spooky Bizzle is the multi-talented producer / DJ who keeps the flame burning for underground music

Highly respected for his effort developing new underground music scenes, and encouraging upcoming artists to stepo-up to the next level!

Funny, charming and occasionally rude : see Spooky Bizzle spin unfiltered Grime with unfiltered opinions.

See Spooky's full bio here :

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2017


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