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Tidy Street - Mary Jane

This is the audio to Tidy Street's studio track called 'Mary Jane'.


A little-known song by indie tastemakers 'Tidy Street'.

Enjoy this original demo track in various different forms below. For the alternative music listeners...

"Mary Jane, that was my favourite name

Until we started to disagree..."

Pulled this one out the depths of the archive to shed light on a light-hearted forgotten anthem.

Thank you Tidy Street for your original music!


Type : Audio

Photo credit : Unknown

Date : 2012

This is a performance video to Tidy Street's track called 'Mary Jane'.


See the pair play the original track 'Mary Jane' in a stripped-back acoustic setting

Type : Video

Photo credit : Alexa Sidor

Date : 2012

This is the Boatshed live session video to Tidy Street's track called 'Nursery Rhymes'.


Fantastically warm original production from the talented Tidy Street.

Unique indie-alternative track for the soul.


Clean video production of this live session from The Boatshed crew. The edit is really well put together, and helps give a taste of what this indie band is like to see live.

Type : Video

Photo credit : The Boatshed

Date : 2013


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