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Charlie Trees - Make Noise

This is the audio to Charlie Trees's track called 'Make Noise'.


Check out budding rapper lay it down over this jaunty UK hip-hop beat

Here's Charlie Trees taking us on a journey through his thoughts & mindspace...


"...If i had one wish then the mandem would all be going on tour"

Charlie Trees demonstrating why he's not to be messed with...... as he produced the jaunty instrumental too!!

Awesome multi-talentry from the Wave Gang artist.


"Large up Clay, large up Ten...

...and large up anyone who was listening then."

Check out his 2022 mixtape called "Love & Wavey Science"

One of my favourite projects of 2022!

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY.NET

Date : 2020

Looking forward to more from Charlie Trees. Make sure to check out his collaborative single 'Wave Right Now' with fellow Wave Gang members.....

.......the above track went down as one of my favourite tracks of 2020.

Produced by MYSTRY

Great video from upcoming director Ben Reid (aka Rosko Records)

Type : Audio

Video credit : Ben Reid / Rosko Records

Date : 2020


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