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Eklipse - All Day (feat Sgt Static, Lily Kiing & Dubz D)

This is the audio to Eklipse's track called All Day (feat Sgt Static, Lily Kiing & Dubz D)

This one's for the smokers!!

"I been smoking on this spliff all day..."

"I'm relaxing,

Pure big spliff i'm strapping"

Another big-hitter from East London's Eklipse....... this time he brings in some of his friends to showcase skills.

Sgt Static, Lily Kiing, Wondz and Dubz D pitch in on this one to light up Eklipse's "The Haze Casette" mixtape.

A classic dub-influenced back to this this track, as all the features smash verse and chorus.

Produced by Wondz.

"With the mandem,

So many zoots; the rotations random"

Coming off Eklipse's "The Haze Casette" mixtape that was released on 4/20.

One of my favourite's.... his smoke-tape.

Would recommend!

Check out one of my favourites from Eklipse - Lazy Eye

See more about that here :

Type : Audio

Photo credit : Unknown

Date : 2016


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