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J Beatz @ MODE FM

This is audio of J Beatz's radio show at Mode FM (01062016)

Hear one of Mode FM's core residents running the decks for 3 hours straight.

Combining popular vocals, bass beaters, collabs, homemade productions and remixes alongside his patented Grime sounds.

From skippy to flightmode, he runs it all.....

This radio set came while J Beatz was in the middle of his 'Bootleg Mondays' campaign.

A series where he put out original Grime tracks and gave back to the listener, via free download.

Watch out for more download campaigns coming from scene leader J Beatz.


Enjoy J Beatz in this classic Mode FM set.

Unregulated radio at it's finest.

Type : Audio

Video credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2016

Mode FM Relaunch

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