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Jakebob - Baddaz VIP

This is the audio to Jakebob's track called 'Baddaz VIP


'Baddaz VIP' is a unique track first heard on Spooky's radio show at Mode FM.

This tune turned the room upside down as Spooky brought it into the mix.

A very special tune.


This track helped Jakebob carve out his own sound.

This release helped shake his reputation of a 'Reggae Dubstep' producer.....


Threatening stabs and tactful sampling created this soundscape that deserves full volume. The preluding bassline and ultimate destination of this song breaks the mould for Grime.

The high energy 'call-and-response' on this tune is predictably-unpredictable - and satisfying.


Jakebob takes you to his baddest place.

'Baddaz' ended up being an evolving series of remixes that had many varieties and that satisfyingly tweaked and answered the questions that the original asked.

Will we see Jakebob release them all? Dubstep-ic.


The creator is Jakebob ; a well established rapper, producer and MC from Herefordshire.

This is the audio to Jakebob's later track called 'Crud Lazer'


I felt this one was influenced by the same dark place that 'Baddaz' came from.

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2019

Later he would enter Tiatsim's producer clash series 'BeatBoss', and remix this tune for the war....

This is the audio to Jakebob's track GLOOMYS SHITTY DUBSTEP LAZER RIP


Make sure to check out his rap tune "Rudeboy Soldier"

Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2019


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