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Jakebob - Rudeboy Soldier

This is the audio to Jakebob's smash called 'Rudeboy Soldier'

One of my favourite UK rap tracks from the last decade.

Jakebob showcases his best style & skill on this upbeat single.

"The whole of the UK now fucks with me"

"I hoping that the music might one day make me loot-y and comfy."

Taken off his recent full-length album 'Rural' which showcases his talents as writer, rapper and producer.

This track should have been at the forefront of the UK rap scene!! It demonstrates his untapped potential as the UK's premiere rapper.

Jakebob flows easily over this boom-bap style beat.

The instrumental is a world-class hip-hop number - Brassy and upbeat : which brings out the best in Jakebob.

Clean honest work from Hereford's best export : Jakebob.

Looking forward to hearing more lyrics and instrumentals from the multi-talented artist coming soon! Hoping to collaborate with him on a music video soon


Type : Audio

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2018


Check out my blogpost on his massive dubstep / grime hit - Baddaz VIP


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