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Stush 'swapping genres for Dollar Sign'

This is a video recording excerpt from an interview with Stush about Dollar Sign.

"At first I was a pure Dancehall head,

everything else (genre) was"

Part of a full length interview I did with DJ Sticky and MC Stush where we talk about Dollar Sign, their influence, and how that collaboration came to be.

"I didn't really find it that challenging swapping genre's....

....Once i got into the 'sound' of it"

Bigup J Rus who helped organise everything. I might get round to putting out the full interview in the future if requested :)

Hang tight for more interviews coming up on the site.

(One day i will re-edit and release the full interview with both DJ Sticky & Stush :)

Thanks to Rhys Alexander for operating the 2nd camera)

Here's a set of clips from the start of their set :

Type : Video

Photo credit : VELODY .NET

Date : 2014


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